How Much It Cost

  • Actual Vehicle Cost – Vehicle Price at the auction
  • Ocean Fright – price depends on vehicle size approximately  $1800 for Passenger vehicle like Suburu Impreza.
  • Agent fee – Lowest flat fee 100000 yen (which is approximately $1000 depending on exchange rate)
    • Agent fee includes: Auction Inspection Sheet Translation, Auction Bidding Fee, Auction Fees, Documentation Fee, Translation of Export Certificate, Consumption Tax, Recycle Fee, Local Inland Transport, Cleaning Vehicle for Export, Shipping Setup, Port Costs, Customs Clearance Charges, Bank Transfer, Sending of all documents to customer.
  • CBSA Soil Inspection – $43
  • Terminal Fee – $95
  • Customs Duty – 6.1% of the Actual Vehicle Cost
  • GST – 5% of the Actual Vehicle Cost
  • Excise Tax – $100.00 if vehicle has an air conditioner
  • Local Courier Fees –  $45.00
  • Customs Brokerage Fee – 250 (Optional)
  • Provincial sales tax – 7% of the Actual vehicle cost MAY be payable at the time of vehicle registration in Canada depending on your province requirements.

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We are a proud member of the Motor Vehicle Sales Authority of British Columbia. Dealer No. 40011