How To Import JDM

Basic steps to Import a car from Japan

1. Get familiar with Japan auction and Auction Sheets. Please use Auction Access we provide for free.

2. Once you know which vehicle you would like to purchase pay us refundable deposit of 500$.
Deposit will give you an opportunity  to make bids on cars.
Deposits can be paid at our office in Surrey (please see Contact Us) or over the phone using your Credit Card. Once deposit is paid you will need then to sign an Import agreement.

3. Now you can make bids using our Auction Access system. Once your bid is successful, you will be notified by email immediately & receive an invoice the same day. For one time buyers, you may pay the balance  (Actual Vehicle Cost + Ocean Fright+ Agent fee) – (Deposit 500)  please see Total cost section. The first available ship will be booked and you will receive your  vehicle at Port of New Westminster.

4. Once Vehicle arrived to the Port  you will pay us the rest of the fees (CBSA Soil Inspection + Terminal Fee + Customs Duty + GST – 5%  + Local Courier Fees + Customs Broker Fee) and will take care of your paper work (Soil inspection, Duties, Taxes etc.)

5. After all paper work is done the vehicle will be available for pick up, We will assist you in getting temp permit and taking out your car from the      port storage.Should you have any question please feel free to Contact Us at or 604-498-0545

We are a proud member of the Motor Vehicle Sales Authority of British Columbia. Dealer No. 40011